Meet Ben Rose: Co-Founder & PRESIDENT at Testive

Meet Ben Rose: Co-Founder & PRESIDENT at Testive

What are most of your duties plus responsibilities during Testive?

I am one of the Co-Founders of Testive, and I are also a Ex-CEO. The main tasks are (1) listening to mothers and fathers, (2) mother or father outreach, along with (3) informing the BOSS.

What's the perfect part pertaining to working at Testive?

My favorite part can be watching persons grow and turn more than what they were if they started. Now i am really lucky because My spouse and i get to observe that directly from the staff, learners, and parents.

If you are not working, what do you like to undertake?

I am some prodigious manufacturer of daughters. (I currently have at least 3, depending on as you are reading this). My major hobby is certainly coaching players on health and wellness.

What's your best food?

My favorite food is readily chicken nuggets. I can take in 100 bird nuggets inside of a sitting. The good news is, chicken is a wonderful lean proteins. For our holiday party, my very own co-worker, Alex, got us a shirt which will says 'I love chicken nuggets. ' You know how giving up cigarettes wearing an issue that you love, individuals give you enhances about it? Nicely, I used the the t shirt on my way your home and four different people told me they preferred it.

Precisely your favorite picture and the reason why?

My favorite movie is 600. It's the story of a select few of skillfully trained Spartan soldiers shielding and out-battling 100, 000 attacking meatheads. להמשיך לקרוא

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