Institution for females, Hay (1961 – 1974)

Girls doing work in the yard, watched over by officers, Hay Institution for females, 1965., 1965, thanks to Community Services brand brand New Southern Wales, Human Services. DETAILS

The Hay Institution for Girls ended up being proclaimed when you look at the hay that is old on 28th July 1961 as being a 'school for the reception, detention, upkeep, control, training and training of kiddies and young individuals invested in such organization to be called organization for women, Hay'. Its establishment arrived after a few riots that had occurred in the Parramatta Girls Home at the beginning of 1961. The girls delivered from Hay from Parramatta were considered 'incorrigible'.

The very first girls were moved from Parramatta in September 1961. Transfers took place during the night with girls escorted by officers in the long train journey to Narrandera, then positioned in a lockup van. Girls had been often sedated with largactil or valium through the journey. On arrival these were granted with institutional clothing, had their locks cropped were and short locked in a 'scrubbing' cellular, often for a period of 10 times. After this they certainly were put in another cellular, referred to as 'cabins', for the remaining of the stay. Each cell ended up being furnished with an individual bad, slim mattress, a blanket, sheets, pillow, Bible and per night can.

Discipline at Hay was brutal, with girls' every movement, action and term managed and directed by officers. The routine that is daily made to humiliate and get a grip on. All interaction happened via a reporting procedure, where girls stayed quiet, standing six legs aside, with 'eyes into the flooring'. להמשיך לקרוא

Ladies: Just How To Avo >By Jeannie Assimos, Vice President, Content

Ladies: Just How To Avo >By Jeannie Assimos, Vice President, Content

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