Give Langston: Exactly Just How I Might Prevent a man From Cheating…

I have already been fortunate enough to work alongside give Langston, our VP of Brand advertising, for the previous six years. He constantly comes to your dining dining table with a few genuinely real wisdom, and I also have always been thrilled to see others acknowledging him also, like our buddies over at! I'd to talk about the truly amazing meeting he did as he celebrates 15 years at eHarmony with them.

For many years I’ve stated, in public areas, that I could prevent it if I could just spend 10 minutes with a married man who was about to cheat. Now eHarmony Advice’s Jeannie Assimos has called my bluff, and asked me personally just what i'd say. The information may surprise you.

The facts: well-known the fact is that whatever I’m going to write below won’t stop all men from cheating. להמשיך לקרוא

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