We had left Earth because I was being bought out by the aliens that where discovered from other planets.

Through out all this our parents where still into the starship most likely not even worried about us. There was and example on what much our parents care about us. I guess they are doing care but provide us with a complete lot of independence. They where geeks types of. We got back who can i pay to do my essay to the ship and my buddy told our parents as to what had happened. They where like alright lets go then and didn’t ask if we where ok. My cousin was like in shock or something like that, I happened to be to but didn’t show it. He previously the right to be scared and shocked because its don't assume all day you come along a life and death situation. I loved my cousin and all sorts of but he was sometimes annoying.

Since the starship took off I wondered what the next place would end up like. I had to stop wondering because we where already going to enter the new atmosphere of the planet we where going to explore. להמשיך לקרוא

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