How does Testive work? There can be two components to Testive.

How does Testive work? There can be two components to Testive. You are our TOTALLY FREE prep applications developed for MIT. It includes adaptive practice questions for the SAT, New SAT and even PSAT, and also ACT. Your concerns are available to utterly everyone.

The second is our instruction program. Whereas our prepare software is ideal for helping college students practice, our own coaches truly help individuals reach all their full probable by providing desire and professional guidance as you go along. Coaching lessons are performed over video chat. We provide monthly blueprints for this program.

What Makes Testive Different?


  • The many practice question are free to EVERYONE
  • Your software adapts and personalizes questions pertaining to maximum discovering
  • Answer films and reflectivity notes
  • Comprehensive analytics allow students in order to learning for them to stay on track. custom essays service


  • Flexibility: Pencil in meetings all over your agenda.
  • Convenience: Connect with your instructor on movie chat at any place (that has got Wi-Fi)
  • Drive: Our trainers will help keep you on track
  • Contact: Coaches hold parents current weekly
  • Instructors: Our motorcoaches have 99th percentile dozens and we complement students plus coaches dependant on both availableness and propagated interests
  • Benefits: Testive instruction students view score heightens 3x higher than the industry average


General Overview

Testive Learning is a customized SAT/ACT ready program which pairs trainees with 99th percentile scoring coaches regarding 1-on-1 discovering, motivation plus accountability. להמשיך לקרוא

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