As brand new road bridges Norway that is neighboring and, eyes turn towards missing website website link on edge

Atle Staalesen

Tens of kilometers of the latest highway on both the Norwegian and Russian edges of this countries’ joint Arctic edge had been formally exposed with pomp and splendor today.

Well linked. Norwegian Minister Ketil Solvik-Olsen and Russian Deputy Minister Sergey Aristov. Picture: Atle Staalesen

Top federal government officials from both Oslo and Moscow assembled from the banks of this Pasvik river, the place where a brand new connection and tunnel will smoothen traveling between Norwegian edge city Kirkenes and Russian Arctic town Murmansk.

“Good for cooperation”

«Good roads link us and take away hindrances of both real and emotional character», Norwegian Minister Ketil Solvik-Olsen stated in their message delivered during the ceremony.

The brand new Bokfjord Bridge and the Pasvik River. Picture: Atle Staalesen

«It brings our individuals and organizations closer together.»

Norway has spent about 830 million Norwegian kroner (€88 million) into the brand new road, a 700 meter long tunnel and 200 meter long connection. In the Russian part, this new road is far longer and investments much larger.

The great words from both Norwegian and Russian ministry officials resonated within the valley where in actuality the Pasvik river quietly operates to the Bokfjord Bay.


The point that is border-crossing

Nevertheless, the federal federal government bigshots all knew that there surely is nevertheless ways to get before traffic and transport runs efficiently between your nations. Simply few hundred meters away lie the Storskog-Borisoglebsk traditions stations, the major bottleneck in cross-border traveling.

The border-crossing points have actually over many years skilled an increase that is major force as traveling between your nations have actually selected pace. להמשיך לקרוא

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