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Carolyn Hax: They stated my Facebook posts had been insensitive after broken engagement

Plus: My partner and our don’t that is 6-year-old get. Exactly what do I Actually Do?

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DEAR CAROLYN: Our niece invited us to her location wedding. Directly after we had currently purchased non-refundable airfare and paid a non-refundable deposit regarding the spot we had been remaining, the marriage ended up being called down.

We made a decision to carry on the getaway anyhow. We'd a fun time and|time that is good posted some images on Facebook of everything we were doing.

nearest and dearest told us it had been insensitive to your niece that we were having a good time after her wedding had been canceled for us to show. Would you concur with this? In that case, should an apology is offered by us or eliminate the articles from Facebook?

Having a time that is good

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DEAR HAVING: Does it also make a difference what I think? One or more individual found your articles insensitive, think they will have an adequate amount of a spot to wonder if they have a spot, so take the photos down. It is backing down of the Facebook post, estate deal that is real.

For those who have an adequate amount of a relationship along with your niece to understand what types of ongoing help she'd appreciate as she emerges from her breakup, then make sure you be certain to give you that. Irrespective.

We don’t mean to imply with this specific response that the vacationing into the rubble had been incorrect. It absolutely was travel that is nonrefundable therefore, exactly what else do you really do? I additionally don’t always concur that posting an image had been a faux-pas; your individuals say yes, but I saw one or more un-bride say she was relieved to see un-guests result in the most readily useful regarding the trip that is nonrefundable. להמשיך לקרוא

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