Frogs had been housed in synthetic polycarbonate tanks both in solitary and environments that are mixed-sex

Pets and husbandry

A complete of 27 male and 19 DGFs that are female employed in this research. Animals had been housed at Mississippi State University’s (MSU) Amphibian Conservation Lab (Starkville, MS, United States Of America) through the duration of the research. All pets were captive reared during the Memphis Zoo and Omaha’s Henry Doorly Zoo, and had been utilized in MSU before the start of research. Animal many years ranged from roughly 3 to 4 yrs . old through the entire scholarly research duration. The pet husbandry techniques and therapy protocols were authorized by Mississippi State University’s Institutional Animal Care and make use of Committee (IACUC #10–082). להמשיך לקרוא

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