Presenting New Qualities to help you Find Deeper Connections

Simply over time for Valentine’s Day, we’re debuting exciting product that is new intended to stress your indiv >and a sneak peek at our fresh appearance

At OkCupid, we’re geared towards assisting our individuals link for a much much deeper level — whether they’re looking someone maybe not utilized to invest time with or “the one.” Today we’re announcing two brand name name brand name new, major product features that will do exactly that. You’ll notice all of them inside the computer computer software, and we’re excited to know anything you think. Plus, next thirty times we’ll roll away a brand new, illustration-driven look — and we’re offering you a sneak peek at the moment.

NEW 2017 Questions & Categories:

Our iconic concerns are a main the primary experience that is okCupid the beginning. The higher we realize you and can match you with people you’ll really click with with every concern you solution. Our issues let you also show yourself discover yourself, single russian women and share your standpoint about the things you worry most about.

2017 brings a lot of topics we understand you’re acutely passionate about — topics that, merely a couple of years right back, we don't ever may have thought might be consequently today that is pertinent.

You’ll see a brand-new number of concerns that target topical dilemmas, to assist you focus in about the things — whether politics or sexual intercourse — which are often most significant to you. להמשיך לקרוא

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