We tell about scholar Code of Conduct Policy and treatments

Each member of the PCC community must abide by a rule of accountable behavior. This document communicates the objectives that PCC has of pupils, and it is designed to teach and guide pupils to comprehend their responsibilities. This Code is aligned with all the College’s Non-Discrimination Statement and shall never be administered in a manner that is discriminatory. Every work may be designed to balance the wants and liberties of this person utilizing the welfare associated with the community all together. This Code pertains to all learning pupils, recognized pupil companies, and categories of pupils. In addition, pupils who're signed up for particular academic programs are anticipated to follow along with those associated educational and standards that are professional.

Consensual Relationship Statement

Note: The Consensual Relationship declaration happens to be under review. For the absolute most policy that is up-to-date look at the workplace of Equity and Inclusion.

The school seeks to keep expert, reasonable, and relationships that are unbiased faculty/staff and pupils. This objective is possibly jeopardized when faculty/staff come into consensual relationships that are romantic their pupils. Concerns of fairness, favoritism and coercion may arise. להמשיך לקרוא

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