Mortgage loan rates of interest

At Westpac we all know that a great rate is crucial, but we would also like to offer a variety of loan choices and tools to assist you make your choices, in addition to experts to talk using your choices.

Listed here is a listing of our present mortgage loan prices as at 30 January 2020. All rates are susceptible to alter without warning.

Mortgage loans – Interest prices (All prices are susceptible to alter without warning)
mortgage loan choice Rate
alternatives drifting 5.34% p.a. ?
Alternatives Daily Drifting 5.44% p.a.
Choices Offset Drifting 5.34percent p.a. ?

?Salary credit to a Westpac deal account required

Alternatives Fixed 4.79% p.a. For six months
3.39% p.a. * special rate for one year – special*
4.15% p.a. For 1 year
4.25% p.a. For eighteen months
3.55% p.a. * special rate for just two years – special*
4.09% p.a. For just two years
3.99% p.a. * special rate for three years – special*
4.49% p.a. להמשיך לקרוא

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