My Most Useful Friend’s Girl. Tank can be so bad at relationships he really makes other folks fall in love once more.

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  • Dane Cook as Tank; Kate Hudson as Alexis; Jason Biggs as Dustin; Diora Baird as Rachel; Lizzy Caplan as Ami; Riki Lindhome as Hilary; Alec Baldwin as Prof. Turner

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  • Howard Deutch


  • Lionsgate


Film Review

How’s that once again, you may well ask?

Here’s the way in which it really works: Your girlfriend’s going to leave you ’cause she believes there can be larger, better, brighter seafood when you look at the ocean. So that you slip Tank a few Benjamins and get him to head out along with her. He does, acting just like the biggest jerk she’s ever seen. Instantly, she seems pretty fortunate to possess you as her guy. And everyone lives gladly ever after.

Nobody’s stupid sufficient to proceed through with a strategy that way, you state?

In a Hollywood intercourse comedy, there are numerous individuals who hop during the opportunity. Also Dustin—Tank’s roomie who's got seen firsthand exactly how appalling Tank’s work is—falls for this. Their most useful woman, Alexis, is gradually fading away from reach, therefore Dustin asks Tank to utilize their unique make of “emotional terrorism” towards the situation.

Good Elements

Tank includes minute or two of self-doubt. In which he fundamentally chooses he’s this kind of terrible individual that Alexis deserves better. He’s right. If the credits had started rolling during the exact minute he comes compared to that summary, it could have already been a “positive element. ” Nonetheless they don’t. (And what the results are next can very quickly be interpreted whilst the film’s lowest low. )

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