My mother slept beside me and my buddies

Hi, i'm vijay from south india I’am styding 11th. My mom Punitha (age: 37, seems like 30, she does yoga to keep her figure, reasonable and she has medium sized boobs. She seems like indian actress sridevi), She works in federal federal government task. My dad is really an engineer that is civil he could be abroad quite often. So its just me and mom. Arriving at story.

It absolutely was rainy period during that point, and I also had halfyearly exams.

So me and my buddies (Anand and Praveen) chose to learn in my own house for maths exam. So my friends stumbled on household by 4.00pm and we also started initially to learn for exams night. It began to raining heavily outside. My mother frequently returns at 7.00pm after her work. She just wears saree on a regular basis. Therefore it had been above 7:00pm and our doorbell rang. להמשיך לקרוא

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