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Does LendUp Report On-Time Loan Re Payments?

While on-time re re payments makes it possible to build credit when reported to your three credit that is major, many LendUp loans aren’t reported towards the major credit scoring agencies. Your credit won’t be affected in just about any real means, good or negative, unless you’re a part of an increased tier within the LendUp Ladder program (in addition to supply for that differs by state).

LendUp only reports loan payments to your three credit that is main for installment loans at the Platinum and Prime quantities of the LendUp Ladder (reporting is optional at Platinum and automatic at Prime).

We recommend checking out some other options like credit cards or credit builder loans, which we outline a bit later in this article if you’re looking to build credit history.

Let's say I’m Not Approved?

If you’re not authorized, the given information about why is likely to be obtainable in your bank account dashboard as soon as you sign in. LendUp will send you a contact once you’re qualified to re-apply, but there’s no time that is official as to how long that is. להמשיך לקרוא

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