Karl – Kissed Homer regarding the lips after stating that his mother taught him never to kiss a trick.

Nevertheless, it ought to be noted that Karl is implied to be of German beginning, and guys men that are kissingn't fundamentally equate to homosexuality simply as much as just respect in certain europe, but generally speaking instead of the lips, instead in the cheek. Karl additionally patted Homer on the behind after offering him a pep talk, however in the context associated with the situation, it might easily be viewed a comradely motion rather than an affectionate one. 12

  • Llewellyn Sinclair – is observed into the audience of gays. 4
  • Personal Burns – when you look at the level Medal of Homer, soon after Private Burns taunts Sergeant Abraham Simpson by stating that he will need certainly to kiss him after dodging their assault, Abraham Simpson, whenever going for a pass that is second describes Burns as, among other activities, a "nancy-boy" (a slang term for a homosexual). Nevertheless, this really is non-canon.
  • The Yes man – Although small is well known relating to this character, he possesses a really eccentric and personality that is flamboyant. Nevertheless, his speech impediment is because of a swing.
  • Bisexual

    • Lady Gaga – this woman is freely bisexual in true to life (that is hinted into the hit single "Poker Face") as well as kisses Marge Simpson in Lisa Goes Gaga, much to Marge's shock. להמשיך לקרוא

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