Variations in African United states and White Women’s Attitudes Toward Lesbians and Gay Males


The purpose of the study that is present to look at racial differences in women’s attitudes toward lesbians and homosexual males also to provide a knowledge among these distinctions. Individuals had been 224 18–30 yr old heterosexual African American (64percent) and White (36%) feminine undergraduates from a sizable metropolitan college in the southeastern united states of america. Individuals finished measures of social demographics, intimate orientation, and intimate prejudice. Outcomes revealed that African United states, in accordance with White, ladies endorsed more negative attitudes toward lesbians and men that are gay. Additionally, unlike White ladies, African women that are american more negative attitudes toward homosexual males than lesbians. Implications are talked about differences that are regarding cultural contexts that you can get between African American and White females.


Intimate prejudice is pervasive in the us and abroad and will be manifested in the shape of hate crimes as well as other functions of discrimination toward homosexual guys and lesbians (Herek, 2000; 2007; Takacs, 2006; Yang, 1997). But, considering the fact that the many severe functions are typically committed by males (Federal Bureau of research, 2006; Harlow, 2005; National Coalition of Anti-Violence Programs NCAVP, 2007), a lot of the study on intimate prejudice centers on males. Hence, what exactly is understood about women’s attitudes toward lesbians and men that are gay mostly produced from evaluations of women’s attitudes in accordance with the attitudes of males. Although the literary works demonstrates that heterosexual women can be generally speaking more accepting of lesbians and homosexual guys than heterosexual guys ( e.g., Kite, 1984; Whitley & Kite, 1995), there was most most likely variability that is great ladies in their attitudes toward lesbians and gay guys. להמשיך לקרוא

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