Glen is just a heterosexual caucasian male and presumably in the belated twenties

History Information

He seems to be in good real heath, appropriate weight for stature and it is a cigarette cigarette smoker. Glen grew up by their biological moms and dads and has one more youthful sibling. Relating to Glen their relationship along with his daddy ended up being strained. Glen’s dad desired a son which was thinking about activities and who be a fantastic athlete, none of which Glen ended up being enthusiastic about. He indicated that their mother had been more affectionate towards their cousin and that he longed for that style of affection. He lives into the town, includes a job that is stable keeps friendships and contains been engaged to be hitched for one year to their fiancee Barbara. Glen and Barbara have relationship that is healthly respect, available interaction and expressions of affection. Glen does not have any reputation for medication, liquor or any other psychological state dilemmas.

Description for the Issue

Glen has an aspire to clothe themselves in women’s clothes (cross-dressing). He has got expressed that having the ability to clothe themselves in clothes for the sex that is opposite him pleased and much more comfortable in the environment. While residing in the home he fulfills this desire by putting on his sister’s clothes when none of their family unit members are in house. So that you can satisfy their want to wear women’s clothing in public he wears one of his true sister’s dresses to a Halloween party. להמשיך לקרוא

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