HomeChoice Downpayment Assistance Loan System

HomeChoice is just a downpayment support, 2nd home loan system for qualified borrowers who've an impairment or that have a member of the family having a impairment coping with them. Funds as much as $15,000. HomeChoice combines with House Key and Residence Advantage mortgage that is first programs. One-on-one guidance is needed.


The first rung on the ladder is to generally meet with HomeChoice Lender in your town that's been trained from the HomeChoice system. The HomeChoice Lender will figure out then refer you to a freeHomebuyer Education Seminar and a HomeChoice trained Service Provider if you are eligible for the HomeChoice second mortgage program and will. For additional trained lenders or providers, please emailDietrich. Schmitz@wshfc.org or call 206-464-7139 or 800-767-4663.


The HomeChoice 2nd Mortgage system is just a Downpayment Assistance Program for low- to-moderate earnings people who have an impairment or that have a member of the family by having an impairment coping with them and be eligible for a Home Advantage mortgage loan program that is first. להמשיך לקרוא

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