Stories for an innovative new World

This group of shows which takes as their motivation the stories that form north mythology that is american yarns and fables owned by cowboys, Indians, voyageurs, spinsters, and big city Horatio Algers. They are stories which were glamourized by popular tradition, and which occur in iconic proportions. Yet they've been fairly young, flexible tales, a maximum of 200 yrs. Old. Dempsey and Millan flex them so they really mirror a perspective that is different. By imposing a lesbian that is ironic feminist reading/retelling upon these stories, they illuminate our history and our current, and produce alternate archetypes that propose brand brand new “new globes. ”

The brief Tale of Little Lizzie Borden is really a piece that posits rage as being a justifiable, certainly logical psychological reaction to modern world occasions. There are two main elements for this work, a printed text this is certainly provided to the viewers become read at their leisure, and a performance that examines a contemporary woman’s anger. The penned narrative tells the storyline of this childhood of Victorian murderess, Lizzie Borden, who had been accused of killing her parents. Contrary to the printing work’s nineteenth century, poetic design, the live concert informs an account of present-day kleptomania, grooming, and also the rush to war. Within an irony-laden tirade, Dempsey describes why she steals women’s mags. להמשיך לקרוא

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