“I’m in search of a woman that looks as if you, ” a person later on identified by police as Stallworth told one woman.

The lady is 11 years old, AL.com reported.

Stallworth offered girls candy, however they expanded stressed, Ross testified. The girl that is second, “Let’s get, ” in addition they strolled away.

The detective testified that safety footage through the educational college backs up the girls’ statements, although the camera had https://www.camsloveaholics.com/dxlive-review not been near enough for police to spot the occupants for the SUV.

The girls’ description regarding the girl with Stallworth fits compared to Brown.

Young ones at Tom Brown Village later told detectives that a guy in a SUV ended up being offering candy across the housing development that night. One or more son or daughter witnessed Cupcake’s abduction.

“She had been crying, ” a 10-year-old child told police, based on Ross.

It absolutely was the statements through the young cheerleaders that led detectives to canvass the area around Tom Brown Village, leading them to locate footage during the Shell of Stallworth additionally the SUV that is blue the described, the detective stated.

Footage from the Chevron fuel station the nights Cupcake’s abduction suggested that sooner or later following the few went house or apartment with the toddler, Stallworth went straight back out and bought an electricity beverage and a supplement for “sexual dysfunction, ” Ross stated Dec. 10, based on AL.com.

Ross testified Friday that Brown, who was simply interviewed by investigators 3 times, at very first rejected any knowledge of Cupcake’s abduction or death, the news headlines site reported. להמשיך לקרוא

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