You agree totally that your possession and/or dissemination of every materials that are such cause immediate

And harm that is irreparable might be enjoined, without the need of publishing a relationship, by any court of competent jurisdiction.

You irrevocably concur that the specific damages from any violation that is such of liberties of privacy of Bronze Party and/or its people are difficult or impractical to accurately quantify. You agree totally that, as well as the relief that is injunctive, the right number of liquidated damages for just about any unauthorized recording, disclosure of visitor identities, or other intrusion of privacy as to Bronze Party and/or any user will probably be $100,000 per intrusion, which reflects a fair estimate of probable compensatory damages for lack of privacy, including humiliation, psychological stress, prerequisite to pay for appropriate charges, lack of work or development, as well as other accidents. להמשיך לקרוא

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