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Contact Bronze Party 650 269-9600 info@bronzeparty

Bronze Party Membership Agreement ***Please read the following*** you really must be a couple of, or woman, 21 and up to make an application for complete account. An account cost is needed. The club isn't ready to accept the average man or woman. Account is a privilege perhaps not the right and that can be revoked whenever without warning or explanation at administration's sole discretion. Signing this contract is a prerequisite to shop for a account, to wait Bronze Party, to RSVP for a Bronze Party, to buy a admission for Bronze Party, also to develop a profile at bronzeparty. You need to have a membership that is current and spend the nightly donation, before going into the club. The typical policy is as you don't interfere with other member's right to do what they want that you should be able to do whatever you like as long. This means, get just about as crazy and wild while you like, but be courteous. The principles would be the just like many lifestyle groups. Courtesy and respect are expected and required all of the time.

Bronze Party is just a personal club – an exclusive On-Premise life Club. להמשיך לקרוא

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