I’ve bren cross dressing since 1998 and i enjoy it.

The women’s clothes/bras/panties/slip feel a great deal better on me personally then my man garments.

If females aren’t into this it’s their loss. That is reason I’ve never ever been hitched or had girlfriends. I’ve invested to much $$$ to purge when I don’t intend on quitting any time in the future.

I've physically been thinking about the concept of crossdressing that it looked cute and comfortable, the thing is I have never lived in areas that treat cross dressers very amicably – in fact in most area’s I’ve lived in if anyone found out I wouldn’t just be laughed at but in all likelihood assaulted… Which probably prompted this intrigue in the first place – I have always enjoyed pushing buttons since I looked at a dress and thought. But we don’t truly know the place to start, i love woman’s clothing since there was far more freedom with it rather than the standard top and trouser combination and I also like expressing myself in how we dress though needless to state we don’t plan to review the most effective we similar to pretty things. להמשיך לקרוא

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