Could I shut my bank checking account to try and stop a lender that is payday using cash as a result?

Yes, but the payday lender will most likely quickly take collection action. Once you remove a quick payday loan, you either compose the financial institution a individual check or supply the loan provider authorization to just take cash straight from your own bank checking account. You owe, the lender might keep trying to cash the check or withdraw money from the account anyway if you close the checking account to keep the lender from taking what. That may end in overdraft charges owed to your bank.

The payday lender might deliver your loan to collections

Then you will have fees that are additional expenses. If you fail to pay your debt whilst it is in collections, the collection agency might attempt to sue you to receive your debts.

In order to prevent collection actions, try talking to first the supervisor associated with shop in which you've got the pay day loan. See you pay what you owe in an installment plan if they will let. להמשיך לקרוא

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