These terms are doing the exact same act as Lawrence v Texas, the Stonewall advertising campaign, and Buzzfeed listings of intimate homosexual partners:

They're maintaining sex that is gay. “Straight-acting, ” particularly, performs this in two ways that are important. First, it clearly erases the simple fact of a sexuality—it that is man’s the reality that his gayness is hidden. Additionally the proven fact that this term frequently goes hand-in-hand with “masculine” shows that, along with sex, additionally it is defining the man’s sex. That is, a person is “masculine” insofar as he is “straight. ” This erases homosexual masculinities and shames homosexual guys who aren't masculine or otherwise not drawn to men that are masculine. And as this term is operating within a grouped community of people who usually comprehend themselves to just be drawn to “men, ” to have your maleness questioned will be get area in the neighborhood questioned. “Straight-acting, ” then, paradoxically excludes through the homosexual community exactly those guys that are “gay. ”

But more powerfully, the word shows us an idea of sexuality that is about every thing except intercourse. If somebody who engages in the sole really definitively homosexual act—gay sex—can nevertheless be “straight-acting, ” then demonstrably we have been speaking about definitions of homosexual and straight that have actually nothing at all to do with intercourse. We’re dealing with the means he dresses and exactly what he does together with his arms as he speaks. “Straight-actingness” depends upon extra-sexual definitions of sex, but inaddition it foregrounds the significance of them. It will require the “homosexual” away from “gay, ” even as they males continue steadily to have sex that is homosexual. It will make their intercourse personal.

This “privatization” of intercourse spent some time working hand-in-hand with homosexual men’s efforts to achieve main-stream acceptance.

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