What’s up aided by the base fetish. Everybody knows in regards to the ‘foot fetish’, but do we really relate with it?

After having my feet and foot, covered with black colored tights, kissed, licked and massaged during the sex that is last, we began wondering about legs. I never ever did. Thus I asked my partner, that is extremely keen on toes, and dug up a pictures that are few will illustrate my kinky investigation…

The Tarantino Feet Crush

In addition watched a couple of Tarantino films recently. Planet Terror, Death Proof… It made me contemplate this strange base mystique.

My legs?

I’ve never seen my feet as sexy, nevertheless they certain are pretty. Possibly it is because exactly what is tiny is sweet, and I also have quite feet that are tiny. But why would they make a man crazy?

Just what exactly will it be with foot?

We asked my partner a questions that are few the foundation associated with the fetish. He pointed out a few things, such as for example:

The shape

Feet can look extremely delicate and so they move well while having sex, bouncing in groups over the rhythm.


One thing about kneeling up to a feet that are person’s an expression of distribution and will be really kinky.

Draw it

The work of drawing a toe can be undoubtedly arousing.

Nails and heels

There clearly was clearly one thing about humiliation when you look at the foot that is whole thing, but We haven’t really dabbled into that yet. From exactly exactly what I’ve heard, it is usually merely concerning the looks. Painted toe nail, high heels… It’s simply enjoyable to check out plus it quickly can become a game title, from innocent to, well, not very innocent…

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