Chapter 5: Technology and Privacy

Computer tech to Balance Accountability and Anonymity in Self-regulatory Privacy Regimes (1)

Lance J. Hoffman Karen A. Metivier Carreiro Cyberspace Policy Institute, class of Engineering and used Science The George Washington University Washington, DC 20052

Besides the generally speaking accepted concept of privacy as " the best to be left alone, " privacy has become a "broad, all-encompassing concept that envelops a complete host of individual issues about various kinds of intrusive behavior, including wiretapping, surreptitious real surveillance, and mail interception. People claim the right of privacy for an extremely number of problems through the straight to exercise contraception or have an abortion to your right to help keep bank documents private" Flaherty 1989. These claims have expanded to include the right to keep one's trail of sites visited on the World Wide Web confidential in recent years.

So that you can implement "privacy" in some type of computer system, we want an even more definition that is precise. We must decide whenever and under just what conditions to give away information that is personal. Especially, we ought to determine when you should enable anonymous deals and when you should require accountability. If you can find subgroups in culture, or nations, with differing ideas concerning the responses to those concerns, technology can, to an extent that is large accomodate each group. There will not always need to be just one privacy regime. Less legislation and much more individual option can be done now; technology can offer every user with settings fine-tuned for the total amount of privacy and accessibilty they choose.

This paper first defines just exactly how accountability and privacy could be balanced to permit individual control whenever you can, community norms if the user desires conflict, and (finally) federal government legislation once the norms associated with communities vary. להמשיך לקרוא

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