Symantec: How Instagram records had been hacked & modified to advertise adult spam that is dating

Earlier in the day this season, we reported an influx of fake Instagram pages luring users to dating that is adult. During the last couple of months, we now have seen Instagram accounts being hacked and utilized to advertise adult dating spam.

Figure 1. Instagram account password changed by scammers

Our findings follow a previous report on Twitter records being hacked to publish links to adult relationship and intercourse personals, which bears some similarities for this campaign that is new. But, we have maybe maybe not established a link that is direct them.

Characteristics of a account that is hacked we first noticed these hacked Instagram reports, we observed a few distinguishing characteristics:

  • Modified individual title
  • Different profile image
  • Various profile name that is full
  • Various profile bio
  • Profile website website link changed/added
  • Brand brand New pictures uploaded

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