Area 702? This afternoon after college and before training?

Careful to not be too noisy, you unfold the neat creases of this keep in mind that Taehyung did actually fold therefore appropriately, permitting your eyes adapt to his messy chicken scratch. Room 702? This after school and before practice afternoon? Hehehe we’re moving notes hehehe.

You shake your head minutely at their sweet and odd nature, picking right on up your pencil- topped with a lovely small Rilakkuma eraser Tae purchased you- and composing your brilliant, wonderfully considered message of: noises good, before folding it back right up and aimlessly tossing it towards the flooring as he gets the idea to pick it up behind you, hearing Tae move in his seat.

Painless (Jungkook Smut)

For Anon: Jungkook smut where ( if you don’t take smut requests just ignore this: ) thank youu if you can’t write Jungkook please write Taehyung ) it’s your first time and he doesn’t want to hurt you?? Sorry

We joyfully accept smut demands. It’s kinda fluffy too because I feel just like Jungcock Kookie could be SOOOOOO sweet about this. Hope you would like it.

“Do you need to may be found in? ” I inquired lightly, Jungkook’s fingertips grazing my hand while he gradually pulled away, getting ready to go back again to the dorm. He previously been working plenty recently and it is making the time after tomorrow and desired to try to make it as much as me personally with supper tonight. It had been the type of destination which had heart-attack inducing rates, in which he demonstrably planned everything out of just starting to end. He held onto my hand practically the complete night, now it was sliding away we felt disappointed. להמשיך לקרוא

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