Guidance to Non-Muslim Women against Marrying Muslim Guys

By Daniel Pipes might 16, 2004 updated Oct 19, 2018

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Note to readers: this website post on official advice to ladies to not ever marry Muslim guys has, to my shock and delight, end up being the springboard for a rigorous, heated, and individual discussion between non-Muslim females romantically involved with Muslim men.

Just by a wide range of testimonies, the website has shown valuable to lots of women benefiting from advice therefore the sharing of data; for two examples start to see the postings by Sally, Nourshehane, Jeweler46, and Cindy (starting right here, continuing right here, and ending here). Other people have discovered solace in kindred spirits (start to see the publishing of Becs). Nevertheless other people have actually drawn conclusions from their own experience and offered these for basic usage (start to see the publishing of Standfree).

The discussion took off and now has over 20,000 comments after a slow start. I think this to become a website that is premier this subject. Through the perspective of DanielPipes, about one in eighteen feedback on the site are about this web web page.

Just a minority regarding the responses about this page inform initial first-hand records of non-Muslim ladies' experiences with Muslim guys. Mainly because are of special interest, starting in October 2019 we now have listed these for a page that is separate "First-Hand Accounts of Non-Muslim Females with Muslim Men. "

Requesting guidance: visitors are required to provide counsel:

The bureau that is consular the U.S. Department of State through the mid-1990s until 2000 distributed a document en titled "Marriage to Saudis, " providing straight-talking advice to United states ladies contemplating tying the knot with Saudi males. As Martin Kramer defines exactly exactly what he calls "a small classic by the diplomat" that is anonymous

It really is remarkable because of its undiplomatic and anecdotal tone, therefore distant through the department's standard style that is bureaucratic. להמשיך לקרוא

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