Lori Fena Executive Director Electronic Frontier Foundation

Gigi Wang Director of eTRUST Program Commerce Net

Growing issues in regards to the protection and privacy of telecommunications-related information that is personal are threatening to constrain the rise of electronic business. Effective action to improve the degree of confidence in on the web privacy must add assurance and monitoring (through both active and passive means) regarding the company methods of entities which have the capability to gather, utilize and circulate private information. Without such action, many violations of privacy are going to take place, damaging general general general public self- confidence in electronic business and government action that is potentially precipitating.

The eTRUST model offers a system for industry self-regulation that may offer assurance that is public of. It makes use of a strategy that combines sustainability that is long-term industry monetary help with customer credibility through an ongoing process of separate evaluation and tabs on company methods.

To be effective in its objective, eTRUST must build opinion inside the internet business community that the self-regulation represented by the eTRUST certification program is worthwhile from a small business and societal viewpoint. It will likewise establish understanding and self- self- self- confidence with online people that the eTRUST logo design provides sufficient assurance that their information that is personal has been protected. להמשיך לקרוא

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