GUINEA LYNX. Your Health and also Care Assist concerning Guinea Pigs

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Have you been great concerning the intercourse of the guinea pig?

Attain certain your furry friend is right sexed. For those who have several and also intend on housing consumers together, making certain both of the pigs are exactly the same intercourse might prevent the countless pitfalls as well as dangers connected with maternity.

Dog shops tend to be notorious of giving apartment a couple "exact same intercourse" guinea pigs which are certainly not, quite always check yourself as have veterinarian look at your pigs available. In the event one find out we have a men as well as woman, split up consumers instantly either we suspect the female are expecting or otherwise not.

Boars (men guinea pigs) are bigger than women, need lesser nipples, so when intimately grow, demonstrably noticeable pouches that are scrotal. Lightly pushing in the stomach nearby the penis will be allowed by the genitals towards emerge.

Sows (women guinea pigs) have Y shaped starting which can be in most cases sealed having closure that is vaginal, based on Harkness to Wagner.

Pups (young pigs) are tough to intercourse. להמשיך לקרוא

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