Initially published by cashmoney we thought you are a lesbian?: confused:

WTF. We never stated I became a lesbian. I simply posted in protection of 110per cent genuine bisexual ladies in the "Girls that are Trendy Bisexual" thread. Show me personally where we stated I became a lesbian.

We'm pretty certain this has recently been covered, but I am too sluggish to learn through the thread and whatnot, so here is my $. 02 anyway.

The biggest thing we find irritating about a lot of women whom date Navy males is they piss and groan when their dudes have died. Um, you wanted to be with this guy HELLO you chose the package deal when. There isn't any right for you become complaining on that degree. Yes, you will find times whenever it sucks simply because they're gone sporadically for a or so, or if you're unlucky they go on cruise for 6-8 months week. But, you care about that man, suck it up and find something productive to do with your time if you really want things to work and. And also by all means, SEND THEM PACKAGES COVERED WITH CHEESY STICKERS AND THESE. They love that shit. Yeah, they may get crap from people they know, but those other dudes are only jealous that they'ren't getting mail.

I am lucky that Mr. Bunny and I also came across he never has to go back out to sea again like that (unless some unforeseen freak accident happens after they got back from their Med cruise about a month ago and. God help all of us if it will). I obtained happy with this and I also can handle him having responsibility and view being gone for a couple times at any given time. להמשיך לקרוא

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