Harassing & Abusive Methods. Debt collectors cannot use harassing, abusive, misleading, false, or methods that are unfair gather debts.

Harassing and abusive techniques consist of:

  • Making use of or threatening to make use of physical physical violence or other unlawful way to damage your real person, reputation, or home;
  • Using obscene, profane, or other language that abuses you;
  • Marketing a financial obligation on the market to coerce re re payment;
  • Annoying, abusing, or harassing you by over and over repeatedly calling your telephone number or permitting your phone to band constantly;
  • Making phone calls without precisely determining that is calling, except as permitted to get location information;
  • Calling you early in the or late at night morning;
  • Calling you after getting written observe that you will not want further contact;
  • Posting your title for a debt that is“bad list (but, this will not prohibit the debt collector from reporting your financial troubles to a credit rating agency). להמשיך לקרוא

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