Wife bondage intercourse video clip. These experiences change a kind and caring doctor as a master that is cruel.

Down In A Hole by Dim A mostly real tale. The facts have now been exaggerated (this story is more extreme as compared to genuine activities), while the names and events included have already been changed. Nevertheless the story that is basic are real. A party such as this really occurred, and I also actually was put through therapy SIMILAR to the. I have simply taken a little bit of creative permit. (F+/M, nc, v, tor, mast, bd)

Dr. Stern's Menagerie by QuidProQuo a physician that is www.nudelive.com disgraced falsely accused, has lost every thing пїЅ their spouse, their house, and their training. He is thinking about closing it once the phone bands. He ultimately ends up managing a remote center for those who wouldn't like any concerns expected. In exchange, he extends to just just take revenge on their accusers. These experiences change a kind and caring physician in to a cruel master. This leads him to torture, individual slavery, and breeding, in which he finds he enjoys it. He starts to build their very own menagerie of females. (MF, FF, nc, v, tor, bd, asphx, scat, ws, asian) Part 2

Drama Gang(bang) by Willis a man that is young experiences in 'bonding' with all the other pupils inside the college's drama course. Some real, some adorned, some extracted from hearsay, some fantasy that is complete but all hot! (M+/F+ teenagers, 1st, bi, orgy, bd, gb)

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