How come here an illogical dual standard whenever it comes down to reporting to your credit agencies after BK?

How to settle a currently settled loan?

(we had replied prior to, nonetheless it would not appear to publish if it will later, forgive any replication) how come here an illogical dual standard in terms of reporting to your credit agencies after BK? Once the BK is last, the mortgage is settled, beside me, the bankrupt individual owing absolutely nothing. That is, I assume, the reason why, in the event that financial obligation is certainly not reaffirmed, it generally does not wind up from the credit file. Therefore, I cannot buy it out without reaffirming it) why is that reported to the credit bureau if I buy out the LEIN (not the loan, because the debt does not exist any more, so?

How do I settle a currently settled loan? Fling chapter 7 Bankruptcy and today trying the get rid of your credit history, the illogical dual standard is compared to "clearing a brain industry". It’s likely that the lien or debt had been regarding the credit file prior to the bankruptcy. Your report has old information and should be updated. The duty of cleansing your credit file falls for you. In the event that you settled on liens, to have to dispute and deliver a lien satisfaction letter s towards the credit reporting agencies. I experienced a comparable situation with a customer, and also consulted with ModSpec. Within the end, things failed to get well for the debtor.

Borrower re affirmed very very first home loan, did absolutely absolutely nothing because of the mortgage that is second. No negative reporting on her credit from brand new second lien owner. We finally contacted them along with to truly have the second lien "graded," and created a ton of Mortgage lates: fundamentally none manufactured in three years. להמשיך לקרוא

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