Our broken model that is economic robbing dignity and burning our planet. Time for radical modification

Trump, Greta and 4 other top tales from the very first day's Davos 2020

Chart for the time: a brief history of temperatures in Australia

The race that is human seen more social and technical improvement in days gone by two years compared to all past hundreds of years combined. Things are changing therefore fast after one technological wave, before another washes up on deck and sweeps us off our feet again that we barely have time to steady ourselves.

It is easy to understand why this is certainly occurring whenever we check technical development in historic terms. Older technologies, such as the phone and also the motor vehicle, had been used by consumers slowly, in the long run, often over years. Newer technologies, such as the cellular phone and social media marketing, spread apparently overnight, taking very little time for you to get from innovation to universal usage.

Today, each technology that is new with bewildering rate. It really is not any longer an adoption bend; it is an use rocket. With AI, genetic engineering and robotics regarding the anvil, this rate is not likely to allow up any time in the future. It is disrupting political, financial and social systems in addition to cultural norms and social functions.

It's also going for a toll for each of us psychologically and emotionally.

Interruption: running a business, training, and life that is everyday

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