Facebook’s new on the web dating service won’t have adverts

Plus other things you should know about Facebook’s push that is new online dating sites.

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Facebook’s mind of item, Chris Cox, revealed details of a brand new feature that is dating Facebook’s yearly developer seminar this week. Justin Sullivan / Getty

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Of all shocks at Facebook’s developer that is annual the other day, CEO Mark Zuckerberg’s unforeseen announcement that Facebook is launching a dating solution might have taken the dessert.

It’s perhaps maybe maybe not after all that Twitter couldn’t introduce a dating function. It really makes plenty of feeling, and Chief Product Officer Chris Cox also joked he thought Twitter could have launched dating significantly more than a ten years ago.

“One associated with the great ironies us joined the very first version of the service in 2004, back when it was just a handful of college students, we were convinced that dating would Geek Sites dating site be the next feature Facebook was going to add, ” Cox said onstage at Facebook’s conference last week for me is that when a lot of. “We were appropriate, just 14 years too early. ”

Exactly what had been therefore astonishing concerning the statement had been the timing. Facebook is coming from the most crucial individual privacy scandal in business history. להמשיך לקרוא

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