The lady you are interested in, Johanka, resides inside the monastery it self.

You trespassing, and the inner cloister on the right is strictly forbidden as you enter, you’ll find that most people aren’t happy to see.

You will find Johanka in a medical ward just into the left associated with the redstone abbey that’s under construction.

Johanka will likely be very happy to see you, nevertheless the reunion is brief as Henry offers news regarding the plague. She thinks Brother Nicodemus can really help, the neighborhood doctor – nevertheless they currently have their fingers complete utilizing the wounded who survived the Skalitz massacre.

You are able to provide to assist and begin on another part quest to help make things better – or else you can often find Nicodemus when you look at the next space by the alchemy table.

Speak to him concerning the plague, and you’ll need certainly to accurately convey what’s happening – ideally you examined in on everybody else and got informative data on the sickness in Merhojed. Tell Nicodemus that half the city is ill, and all sorts of the pets are dead. להמשיך לקרוא

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