Locating a partner – possible for some, difficult for other people: why?

By Petra · Published 19 November, 2012 · Updated 15 August, 2016

Some individuals believe it is quite simple to fulfill partners that are new barely ever have gaps between relationships. It does not make a difference whether their relationships final for decades or months – somehow they manage never to stay single for long and simply fulfill a fresh love interest soon after splitting up: four weeks or two passes and… poof! – they’re in a new relationship.

If you are not just one of those, and it also usually takes you much much longer to get someone brand brand new – possibly a 12 months, and sometimes even a couple of years – you may find it really puzzling, even difficult. They don't appear to be any longer “deserving” to really have a relationship compared to the remainder of us – just how do it is done by them? What exactly is their key?


A lot of them feel that they have to have some body inside their life all the time, so that they keep working from a single relationship to a higher, because they definitely dread the very thought of being solitary. להמשיך לקרוא

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