Billing Revolution makes dating that is mobile Skout easier. Cellphone users will not need to put their phone down to get a romantic date or spend their dating internet site bill.

Mobile phone users do not need to place their phone down to locate a date or spend their dating internet site bill.

Skout, a location-based dating company has partnered with Billing Revolution allow single-click re payments for mobile and Web-based deals. It simply got easier for lovelorn users up to now on-the-go.

"Skout's overall strategy would be to effortlessly link people that are single one another irrespective of device," stated Redg Snodgrass, vice president of company development at Skout, san francisco bay area. "No matter what your location is so long as you are able to hook up to the net you will find somebody for you personally on Skout."

Started in 2007, Skout, the location-based relationship business is a social real-time mobile social networking with a concentrate on linking singles.

Users can share photos and opinions and speak to other singles. Users may be in the block that is same on a single part regarding the country.

"Users have the ability to buy access to Skout offerings via mobile with a charge card," said Michael Dulong, cofounder and vice that is senior of company growth of Billing Revolution, Seattle. להמשיך לקרוא

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