No-strings-attached intercourse is fantastic, but event seems incorrect: Ask Ellie

Q: i am a bit torn because i am tangled up in No-Strings-Attached casual intercourse having a married guy. Things are superb, we both have that which we want without drama and dedication. We came across online a few weeks hence.

But i am torn about their spouse. If she ever discovers, she will be harmed.

I am divided from an abusive ex-husband. All we want is intercourse.

Require Your Advice

A: a conscience is had by you, he does not. You had been abused and know the inner discomfort. For their wife, whom inevitably will see he is cheating, that is psychological punishment.

There is NSA sex on line with someone unattached. You'll feel much better perhaps maybe not "torn."

Q: How can I cope with a spouse that is inconsiderate does things without involving me personally? להמשיך לקרוא

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