Month-to-month repaid loans. May I submit an application for a Satsuma loan on line?

With Satsuma Loans, you constantly understand the cost that is full of loan upfront. Along with our repayments that are monthly, you'll spread the price with regular instalments over 3 to one year.

Satsuma loans are paid back through a consistent Payment Authority, which can be a real method of earning your loan re re payments by providing us authorization to get from your own debit card. You choose just exactly exactly what day associated with the thirty days you need to create your repayments on.

Satsuma Loan Calculator

Before you make an application for a Satsuma loan, you might want to contemplate using our loan calculator to have an awareness of just what your repayments would be. You can make use of the sliders setting the quantity you ought to borrow, with weekly or monthly payments over your selected time period whether you prefer to repay it.

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