Overall, participants stated that they would not experience their intimate orientation being a choice.

Identification Commitment and Community Identification

IHP scores were computed by summing reactions to your products and dividing by 3 (reactions to your “glad to be L/G/B/Q/H” item were reversed). This action yielded a scale score (О± = 0.82) which could cover anything from 1 to 5, with greater ratings indicating more negative attitudes toward or greater emotional distancing from one’s sexual minority identity (Herek et al. 2009). Footnote 10 As indicated because of the relatively low overall IHP mean score ( dining Table 3), participants generally speaking expressed positive emotions about their intimate orientation identification. Certainly, just 6% of participants manifested an over-all pattern of contract with statements expressing negative emotions about one’s orientation that is sexuali.e., scored 4 or greater). להמשיך לקרוא

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