Recently, researchers have actually gone back to your study of psychological state of LGB populations.

Recently, scientists have actually gone back towards the research of psychological state of LGB populations. Proof out of this research implies that compared to their heterosexual counterparts, homosexual males and lesbians suffer with more psychological state issues including substance usage problems, affective problems, and committing committing suicide (Cochran, 2001; Gilman et al., 2001; Herrell et al., 1999; Sandfort, de Graaf, Bijl, & Schnabel, 2001). Scientists’ preferred description for the cause of the greater prevalence of problems among LGB individuals is the fact that stigma, prejudice, and discrimination produce a stressful environment that is social can result in mental health issues in individuals who fit in with stigmatized minority groups (Friedman, 1999). This theory may be described with regards to minority anxiety (Brooks, 1981; Meyer, 1995). להמשיך לקרוא

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