Being truly a bisexual is much like walking the line that is thin being gay and right.

01 /6 The battles of accepting bisexuality

It is quite difficult to use the trail less traveled be it your sex or range of life style and you might need to pay a huge cost for using it. A nonpartisan American think bank, only 28 per cent bisexuals come out of the closet as compared to 71 per cent of lesbians while the world has slowly started accepting the fact that a girl might have a girlfriend or a boy might be gay but same is not the case with bisexuals as per a study conducted by the Pew Institute. Being a bisexual is much like walking the slim line between being homosexual and directly. often it is also problematic for a person to just accept the actual fact that he / she may be intimately drawn to individuals from both genders. However their fight does not end in acknowledging just their sex, they should fight the battle of acceptance too. Let’s learn about a few individuals on the way they discovered their bisexuality in addition to battles they encountered:

02 /6 ​I became in deep love with my friend that is best

“Although I'd dated girls since my school days, i possibly could never ever keep considering my companion from college. It's not because I have had satisfying physical relationship with girls that I was sexually attracted to only boys. Whenever I was at university, we told my closest friend about my emotions in which he severed all ties beside me. It's been nearly eight years, but I remember him and times we invested together vividly. להמשיך לקרוא

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